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This innovation in physical education has also been well received by teachers and children. "Now the enthusiasm of children has improved a lot, and they love sports lessons." A sports teacher at Qingd

With the continuous improvement of science and technology, the combination of technology and education is becoming closer and closer, and the concept of "electronic schoolbag" has begun to enter the campus. More and more disciplines have realized intelligence and completed innovation in education methods and methods. Today, e-schoolbags are so hot, but physical education is relatively “stopped.” The backwardness of technology and concepts has made the traditional concept of physical education gradually become a stumbling block for quality education.

There are many controversies in traditional physical education. The rigid teaching content and mode not only make children lose their interest in physical education, but also there are many dangers. How long is the reform of physical education? How far can I go? These are topics we need to explore.

1. How to meet the trend of "appropriate education"?

Traditional physical education is a fixed content taught by the teacher to allow students to complete tasks. This "fat and thin" education method ignores the individual differences of students and is likely to cause tragedy. The news of sudden death in physical education for students is not uncommon. It is not only a tragedy of the family, but also casts a shadow on school physical education.

2. How to resolve the contradiction between centralized management and decentralization?

In the traditional outdoor sports teaching, children's activity areas have become larger and more dispersed. Physical education teachers are very difficult in teaching and management, and some children take the opportunity to skip classes, causing unnecessary worry for teachers and parents ...

3. How to systematically establish continuous and digital sports electronic files for students?

The collection and management of traditional student sports files are backward, and many students do not even have their own sports files, which is undoubtedly unscientific. We need to track students' sports files and information for a long time to promote the all-round development of students.

4. How to further improve the level of physical education and management?

For traditional physical education classes, we do not have a good evaluation system, which often affects the teaching level of physical education teachers.

Faced with many problems, the entire physical education industry seems to have a lot of confusion. However, it is gratifying that many technology companies have already begun to get involved in this. After continuous experiments and explorations, they have finally achieved some results.

Recently, an interesting picture appeared in the physical education class of a certain experimental elementary school in Chengdu: children with sports bracelets, enthusiastically around the physical education teacher to inquire about their results, and the physical education teacher also realized for the first time on a mobile phone In order to score and rank the children, everyone laughed.

It is understood that a certain experimental primary school in Chengdu has arranged six homeopathic Bluetooth base stations on the playground, and the Bluetooth signal seamlessly covers the entire sports field. After connecting the Bluetooth sports bracelet worn by the children to the Bluetooth base station, the physical education teacher can collect the sports and physical information (steps, heart rate, calories, etc.) of each student in real time from the management terminal, and real-time content and quality of teaching Evaluate and customize your child's exclusive curriculum. At the same time, parents can also see relevant information about their children on their mobile phones, and school affairs can also obtain student information through the PC ..... greatly improving the efficiency of student information collection and communication!

This innovation in physical education has also been well received by teachers and children. "Now the enthusiasm of children has improved a lot, and they love sports lessons." A sports teacher at Qingdao Experimental Primary School said with a smile, "We can also get information from children in time and make adjustments to teaching content. ,Very convenient!"

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